What Kind of Work Will We Be Doing?

Direct Service Work-sites:
These include day care centers, schools for the mentally and physically disabled, soup kitchens, food pantries, homeless shelters, nursing homes, and transitional housing. These sites you will have the opportunity to work and visit with those you serve one-on-one.  See “Links” on our website for a complete list of work-sites and links to their websites.

Indirect Service Work-sites:
These include warehouses or housing rehab such as painting, yard work, house cleaning, moving, and minor home repairs.  The work done at these sites indirectly serves those in need. Sometimes the client is present and working side-by-side with our volunteers.  See “Links” on our website for a complete list of work-sites and links to their websites.

Descriptions of some of our frequently visited sites can be found here.

Will I work at the same site every day?
What makes Franciscans for the Poor unique is that you will be scheduled to work some place different every day.  This allows participants an opportunity to discern where their gifts may lie and how they can utilize their gifts back home at other social service work-sites.  We highly recommend participants serve at a combination of indirect and direct service sites.  If a group desires the same site all week, we will try to accommodate with enough notice; however, we cannot guarantee this option.

What hours will we work?
Most work-sites require groups arrive by 9am and stay until 3pm.  A ½ hour lunch break is scheduled by the work-site.  Some work-sites’ hours are slightly different (ie: 10am-4pm or 9am-2:30pm).

How will we know where to go?
We will provide each driver with directions to their work-site each day.  You are encouraged to bring a GPS as a back-up.

Will I choose where I work every day?
The group leader sends the Director the list of people coming on the mission trip and how many are in each vehicle.  The Director then schedules the participants at various work-sites in Cincinnati.

For example, let’s say a group of 20 people is divided into 4 vehicles of 5 people each.  The drivers sign up first where s/he will serve (the group will be given 4 choices of work-sites each day according to the 4 cars) and then the participants sign up where they will each work each day.  It is okay for drivers to take different students each day, but groups sharing the Tau House with another group will take only students from their home group in their car each day.  Group leaders may assign sites if they so choose.